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About Us

We are professionals. We are perfectionists. We are both architects with largesse in vision and scrupulous pendants when it comes to details. We’re cultivating quality. We’re sharing knowledge. And we’re not afraid of challenging rules.

Customer Dedicated

Collaboration Models

Our long term customers prefer to work with us within a so called framework agreement, a more personalized collaboration type, allowing us to allocate client dedicated teams and develop more complex, long term software projects.
For one time projects and collaborations, we can resort to project based agreements, time-material contracts, or personnel leasing.

Development Process

We customize our development process based on customer preferences and project requirements, using software development frameworks such as Microsoft Solution Framework, SCRUM etc.


A mix of technologies, based on specific project and customer requirements.


We develop custom* software applications that go from simple user interface components to complex work area management solutions, to covering all software requirements in elaborate research & development projects.

*exactly what the customer needs

Custom Software Applications & Testing

Our services can go anywhere in terms of project complexity, collaboration model, or application type (be it client-server, web or mobile). Our testing team delivers outsourcing services to companies looking to improve their software testing and QA processes. Our techniques include black box/white box testing, exploratory testing, scripted and automated testing.

Research & Development Projects

With application to telemedicine, e-health or mHealth*, where we contribute with all software solutions needed to handle the acquisition, processing and transmission of data, patient/doctor interfaces, prediction systems, and much more.
*is used to designate medical care practices that include the use of mobile devices and body sensors for various purposes like collecting clinical health data or real-time monitoring of the patient’s vital signs

Co-sourcing & Out-tasking

Rather than externalizing their entire IT function, our customers may choose to out-task to us specific development phases, or to partner us, putting together their in-house resources and our knowledge and expertise in order to achieve a common business goal.
The out-tasking based collaboration model became part of our extended strategy, as it offers our clients complete transparency over the entire development process.

Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services target software development start-ups, as well as established companies looking to improve their development process. We boast our long time hard gained expertise in MSF (Microsoft Solution Framework) based development processes and our solid experience in working with a generous mix of technologies. Our vision evolves around the constant drive to use the newest technologies and the need to offer our clients the most compatible and long-time sustainable solutions.

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18 NOV
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