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To celebrate 20 years of RomSoft, we opened up to talk about some of the most important experiences that influenced our becoming. The result was a 20 story eBook, where every one of them is an important piece of our history, growth and learning process.

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We enjoy working together, learning from each other, and building software products that will improve people’s life.

Behind every software idea there’s a real-life problem that somebody is trying to solve. We can help you solve it in the most elegant, optimal way – through our user centered approach, quality code, and a custom development process.


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  • EPU cumulated view

    Extended IPU

    Extended IPU is designed to coordinate small to large medical laboratory workflows and offer a consolidated, real-time view of the lab hierarchy and all its entities.

    Extended IPU is developed for Sysmex Europe, part of the Sysmex Corporation – which is among Europe’s top laboratory diagnostics and healthcare companies, and the global leader for hematology diagnostics and services.

  • Office Timeline Powerpoint Slides

    Office Timeline Add-in

    On a mission to rid the world of boring project presentations that make audiences yawn, Office Timeline partnered with RomSoft in 2012 to produce and release their main product – Office Timeline, a powerful add-in allowing users to create high impact timelines using Power Point. 

    “I get so excited when people ask me about our partnership with RomSoft, it’s been the most phenomenal thing for us. It helped us take our software idea and grow it to the next level.” 

    Tim Stumbles, co-founder Office Timeline 

  • PharmaLedger use cases


    The PharmaLedger project aims to bring value and trust to the healthcare ecosystem through blockchain technology. The goal of the project is to provide a widely trusted platform that will support the design and adoption of blockchain-enabled healthcare solutions while accelerating delivery of innovation that will benefit the entire ecosystem – from manufacturers to patients.

    Alongside Novartis, RomSoft is technical coordinator of the PharmaLedger blockchain, but also participates in the development of domain reference applications for the pharmaceutical industry. 

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The secret ingredient to a successful partnership

The secret ingredient to a successful partnership

On July 14th 2022, we took a trip down memory lane and talked about the Strategic partnership between RomSoft and Office Timeline: how it started, how it progressed over the years, and what the future holds. Tim Stumbles, CEO and co-founder of Office Timeline, has ...

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