Cross for Schools

Cross for Schools – What’s up with that?

RomSoft is gold sponsor at Cross for Schools, April 9th. Before you ask “so what’s up with that”, here’s the short answer: We just loved the fact that the 3 Km run will be named “The RomSoft Run”. To celebrate with us, we invite you to support our team with some money-energy for our cause, Stiintescu. Because the deeper, truer reasons for our participation are more than just a name, and make for a longer answer...

It all started last year, when the Community Foundation Iasi introduced to us their new fundraising event concept Cross for Schools. We liked it. We clicked. Here’s why:

It’s About Running

Running is one of the most democratic sports out there. It’s not like something you need to learn, or get your license at – you already know how it’s done, since you were like… well, about 12 months. Also, you don’t need to spend a ton of money to get started - unless you really, really want to. Not the case with car racing though. Or biking. But for running, buying expensive stuff – though possible, it’s optional.

Of course, running more than half a mile in one session could be tricky at first.

But here’s the thing. When doing physical exercise (like running), our brain produces endorphins. They are also known as “the hormone of happiness”. This is why we feel good after running or doing sports in general. And it doesn’t stop here. Besides making us feel a little dope, endorphins will initiate multiple beneficial processes in our body, allowing stress to dissipate and enabling healthy chemical reactions at a cellular level. So the key is not to give up, even if the first two or three running sessions may feel like you could lose a lung in the process.

It’s About Tying Loose Ends with the Team

Suppose you’re new to the company. Or that lately you’ve been feeling like so many new people have been coming in, that you can’t keep track. What better way to socialize with your new colleagues than at training sessions? Healthy activity: checked. Common goal: checked. Not having to actually say much: checked. Sounds like a plan, huh?

Hang in there, there’s more…

It’s About Raising Money for a Good Cause

We, at RomSoft, as one self-aware tech company, know that the act of caring for others and doing good also acts like an endorphin releaser to our brains. And the effect is even more accentuated when sharing your good deeds with other people.

All you’re left to do is find new, creative ways to raise money, and at the same time, let people learn amazing positive things about you.

Like the fact that you’re a good cook. If you have a cookie recipe that always turns out delish, bring it on. We want to taste it and will pay for it. Well, the money won’t get into your pocket, but to the cause we’re supporting: The Stiintescu fund.

If you have some weird hobbies like quilling or soap-making, this is the time to break it down on people without feeling too embarrassed: after all, it’s for a good cause.

If you have a particular object that’s been lying around your house unused for far too long, this is the perfect time to get rid of it. Bring it to work. We’ll collect all the stuff and have an auction. After our curator will present your object to the crowd, who knows, you might fall in love with it again, and bid for it. You wouldn’t be the first.

Last but not least, let us share with you Well Deserved, a mind-blowing app that lets you sell your own, personal privileges to make money. If you can’t think of a personal privilege, let us remind you about your meal vouchers. Or better, your dental care insurance. Plus, it might take off some pressure if you really hate going to the dentist.

It’s About Making a Change in How Science is Being Taught in Schools

If you don’t know much about the cause we support, go to Fondul Stiintescu webpage to see the cool projects that were funded last year.

At RomSoft, we feel our contribution to the pilot Stiintescu Iasi edition was truly important, by raising the largest amount of money at Cross for Schools last year.

Be a Sport and Show Your Support

Also, at Cross for Schools, we learned there are specific parts of the running track (just before the top of the hill, or the last hundred meters) where the runner is in most need for support from the crowd.

The louder and more enthusiastic crowd, the bigger the energy impulse for the runner, who is less tempted to abandon the race.

So, even those who dismiss running as “not my thing” can play a crucial role by being there to support the team, in any way they can.

If you are a good sport and want to help the cause, you can do it here: 3 KM of RomSoft.