EMIM – free application dedicated to dental practitioners

EMIM is a free cloud application, dedicated to dental practitioners, that facilitates patient – doctor communication, but also communication among all parties involved in the successful treatment of a dentistry case.

Managing your own clinic is perhaps the biggest challenge if you are a dental practitioner. In a most competitive market, rapidly evolving, it’s important to make the most of existing management solutions and choose them with care.

Patients become more selective. They analyze their options long before making a choice, and they are more and more connected with technology. They prefer to choose a clinic that integrates solutions for all their needs. In other words, it no longer suffices to be a good professional, you must take the entire “clinic experience” to a new level, from the way people can make appointments to ease of communication.

In this context, EMIM is built as a free application dedicated to dental professionals in order to help them create the digital, paperless version of their clinic in the easiest possible way.

More effective clinic management

In three easy steps, dentists can create a free account on the EMIM platform, which will give them access to all functionalities and help them be closer to their patients.

EMIM offers the possibility to create a website from scratch. Even when services offered are impeccable, promotion is mandatory, and the first step to efficient marketing is the clinic’s webpage itself. Here you can add attractive information about the offered services, you can differentiate from your competition, and convert visitors into customers. Patients can make appointments online, from the website, if they find it convenient.

Also, for better clinic management, doctors and clinic staff may add useful information directly into the application: material stocks, receipts and payments to suppliers, as well as many other details that are easy to access anytime. In this way, by using EMIM, you can make an easy transition from physical paperwork to cloud data storage.

Patient management system and inter-clinic collaboration

EMIM allows dentists to record a patient’s history that is accessible anytime needed. Moreover, any doctor who is logged into the system can add info on a specific patient. All specialists involved in one case (dentists, technicians, surgeons, analyses laboratories) will be able to have an instant and complete view over the case, make more informed decisions and communicate better. They can also check online the treatment status, add comments and access any data about the case.

Once the patient consents the data processing agreement and is registered in the database of a dentist office, the data is visible for all parties involved in his/her case, if they all use EMIM.

Communication barriers between doctor and patient are eliminated

Each patient in the EMIM system will have their own dialogue page with the doctor. Here, they can communicate their current state and can exchange messages, without making extra visits to the clinic.

This way of direct and rapid communication benefits doctor and patient alike, especially in complex dental works.

Doctor-patient dialogue is saved in the database and is accessible at all times.

EMIM is a CLOUD application

The main advantage of cloud applications is easy access, from the web browser, anytime, any device and anywhere, without prior installation. The system includes the Android app, in order to rapidly view patient data on mobile devices.

Patients can make appointments online and will receive the doctor’s answer directly in the application or via SMS. Doctors can view the integrated calendar of all clinics involved, no matter their number, no need to call every clinic. Also from the application they can make appointments for the patient to lab analyses, or other clinics, making the most of the time spent with each patient.

Also, the cloud system comes with the advantage that no more time is spent with back-up or system cleaning operations.

When you decide to launch your services on a 21st century market, you must adapt to 21st century speed. That’s why dentists and any other medical professionals or service suppliers must make the step ahead, apart from knowledge and expertise. For patients, the overall experience is extremely important. It is one of the things that will set you apart from competitors and make people recommend you further to their friends and family.

EMIM is the solution doctors and clinics need to take this step further.


Original article was published in Dental Tribune.

EMIM is a Multifunctional Ecosystem for the Integration of Disease Self-Management Medical Services (EMIM) developed within the Competitiveness Operational Programme – co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. RomSoft is supplier for the majority of the project's software development needs and also the project coordinator. See more details about the project.