Digital App EMIM Now Joining the Fight against COVID-19

Confronting the unexpected generated by the COVID-19 crisis, the RomSoft team wants to help by easing the communication between patients and pharmacists.

Knowing the difficulties people meet in finding the medication they need, but also the challenges pharmacists are confronted with these days, being among the top-exposed professional categories, we launched a new functionality on the platform – CERERE MEDICAMENT (medicine request).

The purpose is to connect patients in search of a specific medicine with pharmacies that have it in stock.

Through EMIM pharmacists can help their customers. They can register in the application by using the INREGISTRARE FARMACIST (pharmacist registration) option. When a patient fills in a medicine request they will be notified automatically via e-mail. To ease the interaction with patients, it is most important that pharmacists fill in the complete and exact address and other contact data (e.g. city, street, number, phone no).

Once registered, the pharmacists can see all medication requests that are active in the system and can answer to any of them in one click. The application will generate an automated message, but it can be edited. The message will be sent to the patient through SMS or e-mail, as chosen by the pharmacist.

It is important to add that this is a fully free service, including the SMS part, both for patient and pharmacist.

We are aware of the latest news regarding stock shortage for some medicine categories. We consider important to meet patients’ needs and help them avoid going out more than necessary, queuing outside pharmacies, only to find the drug they are looking for is out of stock.

Through EMIM, users save precious time because they are notified via SMS or e-mail as soon as the medicine is in stock to an EMIM partner pharmacy.

As a patient you can use the CERERE MEDICAMENT option on the portal to add your request in the system.

Once the request completed, pharmacists in your area will answer you via SMS/e-mail, if they have your product in stock. It is possible that more than one pharmacist will answer. In this case you can choose the most convenient/nearest one.

For patients, now you can download the mobile app from Google Play.

Call for Solidarity

There is no secret anymore that whoever we are, whatever we do - we are all affected by this crisis. We feel the need to protect ourselves and our loved ones, but in the same time, we want to help where we can to make things better, to end this faster.

If you are a pharmacist, please register in the platform in order to help patients find their medicine easier. By helping them, you also help reduce the risks pharmacists all over the country are exposed to on a daily basis.

Although we already live in the digital era, the COVID-19 crisis puts a strain on all of us to accelerate the digitalization process even more. If before this we were looking for tools and apps to simplify our work, our interactions and our daily routines, now, we are forced to use them in order to protect our life and health.

In wanting to help the medical system, EMIM is taking on the mission to facilitate patient-pharmacist interaction. And we need each one of you to make it happen!