From the Land of the Rising Sun to RomSoft

When you sit down at your desk, doing your day-to-day thing, be it programming, designing, project managing or other types of –ing that create value for your business and for your customers, you can only imagine a day when that work really pays off.

EM Visit at RomSoft

At RomSoft, we recently had such a day. The EM Corporation, founded in 1979 as a software development company and currently running operations and business entities all over the world, wanted to get to know us. So we met on a Friday, at the RomSoft headquarters.

To understand why this is important to us, is impossible, without having some sort of insight on the Japanese business culture.

First and foremost, in Japan, more than anywhere in the world, business is built on a particular sense of loyalty – conservatism in a good way – to trusted partners. The collaboration type is one of very stable, long-term relationships.

The most common way to achieve a trusted partner level is that of personal recommendations from other trusted partners or entities that have been knowing your business for a long time, and can stand by it.

A third aspect – the moment they step into your doorway, they already know who you are and why they trust you. Nonetheless, you have to rise to the importance of the moment.

Showcasing projects in development: Internet of Things Dept.

For many years, we’ve been cultivating a relation of friendship and trust with prominent representatives of the EM corporation management. As a consequence of this long term friendship, a delegation at the highest level of representation (CEO, Chairman of Board, and executive directors of development divisions) came to Iasi for an exploratory visit.

While it’s important to mention the exploratory character of the visit, its main purpose being to identify our common goals and compatibilities, keep in mind the third aspect. :)

We discussed a lot of things, from projects in development to general business principles, but the biggest achievement at the end of the day was being able to really identify those key aspects where both companies can meet and make collaboration possible.

Showcasing projects in development: Office Timeline

The processes and development models in RomSoft, especially the certified ones and based on internationally acknowledged standards, proved a high level of compatibility with software development processes in EM.

The collaboration types discussed have been part of the RomSoft business strategy for a long-time: solid, win-win partnerships, projects aiming to grow and develop the customer business, and a software development life-cycle that balances the engineering part of the deal towards RomSoft (through significant added value).

The results of such a visit can be expected in four to six months, a time spent for decision and planning that is normal for Japanese companies at this level.

In the meantime, back to our day-to-day (th)ings, more confident than ever that our business model is much closer to the way they do it in the “land of the rising sun”.