EMIM Featured on Euronews

Our pharmacy app EMIM was featured on Euronews, in the Business Planet program! We enjoyed talking about how the app works, the help we received from the Imago-Mol cluster, and our plans for the future.

Back one year ago, in the first pandemic days, we were trying to offer some support to patients who had difficulties in finding even the most usual medicines. Indeed, the Imago-Mol Cluster was there to help, and we took advantage of our membership status to use their contacts infrastructure in order to make the app known through patients and pharmacists.

But more than just a pharmacy application, EMIM is a cloud based ecosystem that enables communication among patients, doctors and pharmacists. Within minutes, doctors can set up their virtual clinic in EMIM. Here they can add medical services, patients, and patient data/files. They can create appointments, send notifications through the app via SMS or e-mail, or even have in-app chats with their patients.

Patients can maintain a digital copy of their medical files, request appointments to a chosen doctor or fill in medicine requests.

RomSoft is founding and active member of the IMAGO-MOL cluster, the only medical imaging cluster in both Romania and the EU. The cluster strives to link public bodies, like hospitals, to private enterprise, especially firms in the IT and software development sector.

Business Planet travels all over Europe to witness firsthand how European clusters and SMEs put their efforts together in order to alleviate supply chain disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.