5 Steps Internship

Five Steps to Your Dream Internship

This is the fourth year we will be present at Stagii pe Bune, the best internship program available for tech students in Iasi. From past years’ experience, we have drawn the most important 5 aspects you should ponder on before you choose your first internship. Of course, starting from the premise that you want your first internship to be a successful, eye-opening experience....

No #1 How Fast Do You Want to Go From Reader to Do-er?

Being a student, you’re thirsty of knowledge, passionate to learn about new technologies, but mostly, curious about how things get from idea, to implementation. So the question is how badly do you want to go from reader/theoretical learner to do-er?

At RomSoft, the process is pretty fast, based on a unique combination of ingredients that are mixed in simultaneously:

  • You dive right into a real project, no time spent in the gray zone
  • You have a mentor who’s there to help you along the way not to screw-up big time and mess the entire project, who lets you screw up a little bit, in order to learn, and gives you confidence that you can achieve great things on your own.
  • You enter a learning environment, where study is encouraged at all levels. Some learn by trial and error, some learn from others, some by teaching others. No matter which type you are, you have our full support.

No #2 Where Are You on the “Like it a Bit” to “Madly in Love with” Scale?

We hate to admit this, but choosing a career is almost as tricky as finding a life partner.

And while the “madly in love with” status is the ideal, the reality is that you might be in a place where you are still flirting with many options, kind of undecided, and that’s fine. But the important thing is that your career choice would still be somewhere at the middle of the scale, meaning you pretty much like the idea of doing THAT for a good while of your life.

No #3 Think Things Through

At the end of the day, your head will be spinning with company presentations, motivating speeches you’ve heard, and even some “off the hat” job offers, no strings attached! Take some time to think things through.

As a kid of the information era, you should know that information is the most valuable asset a person has. Or lacks. Do a bit of research before making your choice and picture the future you in your company of choice:

  • How secure it makes you feel?
  • What are the likes to grow as a professional there?
  • Would you make friends?
  • Would you be happy?

No #4 Dismiss Any False Expectations from the Start

This is another case where the best analogy is with a romantic relationship.

Sometimes people enter a love affair knowing there are some things they really don’t like about the other person, but hoping that along the way, things will change. This is the most common path to frustrations piling up and let’s face it, a recipe for disaster.

The more the company values are common to yours and the smaller the intersection with things you would hate to find there, the most likely to be a great match. Don’t expect them to change their values, as well as you shouldn’t let them change yours.

No #5 Be Your First Honest Evaluator

The truth is, you’ll get hired anyway, rather sooner than later. We are lucky to live in a pretty great moment, when the IT area is growing and there are multiple opportunities for everyone. The market is great, the salaries are in the middle-top category and companies compete in offering the most creative benefits to employees.

But you are responsible to designing your own strategy for success. Are you going to simply get a job and maintain the good-old “not get fired” level? Or are you in for something more extraordinary than that?

To end on an optimistic note, Stagii pe Bune & RomSoft has been a great partnership for four years, and will continue to be so, and the fact that 15% of our colleagues have entered the company through an internship stands proof.