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Rapid Game Prototyping with VanillaJS

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Location: International Hotel, Iași
Cost: Free (registration needed)
Trainer: Alexandru Perietanu - Senior Web Developer
Schedule: Saturday, 20 April
Welcome: 8:30 – 9:00
Workshop: 9:00 – 13:00
*Hands-On experience, you need your laptop.


Modern JavaScript frameworks like Ember, Angular, React or Vue are built to digest the code you feed into them, thus taking all that cool action behind the curtain.

In the end though, as the source code transpiles and/or compiles, it all comes down to Vanilla JS. This is why mastering the language underlying principles will really "turn the lights on" and get you as far as building your own libraries and features.

We're going to tackle the Object Oriented JavaScript patterns that will improve your code's structure, making it clean, flexible and reusable. But we're not going to take the fun out of it, so "buckle up!", for this workshop is a hands-on game programming experience.


For this workshop we have a preferred editor (we recommend Visual Studio Code).

Nice to have: Basic prototype knowledge, scope & closures familiarity, basic OOP knowledge, “this” in JavaScript.

Mandatory: a strong appetite for games.


Use the browser as a canvas for game development
Dissect the core logic of one of our childhood's beloved games and build it from scratch
Build and manage the various states of the game cycle
Manage the rendering cycles of the game graphics
Focus on Object Oriented JavaScript, collision testing, sprite management, event handling and timers
Have lots of fun

About the Trainer

Alexandru Perietanu is an experienced Senior Web Developer, with a 10 years history working in the information technology and services industry.

Skilled in JavaScript, EmberJs, jQuery, HTML, CSS, he is the multidisciplinary kind of geek in the most academic meaning of the word, with a degree in informatics, and currently pursuing studies in electronic engineering and psychology.

He is passionate about optimizing web apps performance. He held important roles in the development of big, complex projects that are currently in production. He has worked on many projects with high user interaction (animation, games). His enthusiasm for getting complex things done fast has won him numerous prizes in engineering/electro-mobility hackathons.

He currently uses his skills to teach others, as a full time authorized trainer (primarily front end development/JavaScript, but also introduction to Arduino/microcontrollers, 3d printing, kids programming).


The access is free but the number of seats is limited so please register here until April 7. The team at DevExperience will get back to you with the confirmation.