PlusPrivacy. Safely OPERANDO with Your Private Data

Did you ever worry about the amount of data other organizations hold about you? Are you concerned about who can access this information? PlusPrivacy, a branch of the OPERANDO project, provides you with one simple dashboard, protecting yourself from a variety of threats to your privacy.


There are several main functions for your benefit:

Privacy for Benefits deals. When you use social media sites, valuable data is collected about you by these sites. The economic value of these data is blocked to you, the user. PlusPrivacy allows you to benefit from this data sharing if you wish.

Privacy for Benefits

Ad Blocking and Anti Tracking. Social networks allow other sites or ad networks to track you when you visit them. User privacy is violated and your identity is disclosed without you realizing this. PlusPrivacy enables you to filter out third party tracking and adds, allowing you to control the level of tracking or sharing.

Ad Blocking & Anti Tracking

Substitute Identities. PlusPrivacy allows you to set up email aliases and substitute identities which can be instantly whipped out. The credentials of these accounts are managed automatically.

Substitute Identities

Dashboard. PlusPrivacy offers a unified privacy settings dashboard, where you can handle all your accounts in one place.

PlusPrivacy is now in beta release. Other features are still in development, such as Private Browsing where the user will be free to browse the web in a secure way without needing to use a substitute identity, just by accessing the PlusPrivacy integrated private browsing solutions.

Application Scanner is yet another feature in development. It is supposed to offer a quick view of your currently installed apps and the level of privacy pollution they generate.

A video provided by our OPERANDO consortium partner, Oxford Computer Consultants Ltd, will introduce you to the benefits of using PlusPrivacy:

PlusPrivacy is available from the Chrome Web Store, Google Play and App Store, now. If you would like to get involved with PlusPrivacy, or find out more, visit our website: As part of the OPERANDO project, PlusPrivacy will also be released as an open source application.

OPERANDO is a unique service providing privacy, and it’s free to members of the public. If you would like to find out more, visit our repository at, our website, or follow us on Twitter at OperandoH2020.

OPERANDO is brought to you by a strong team of carefully selected experts supported by the EU under the Horizon 2020 funding programme:

Oxford Computer Consultants Ltd – UK, Arteevo Technologies Ltd - Israel, Stelar Security Technology Law Research UG – Germany, RomSoft SRL – Romania, Fundación TECNALIA Research & Innovation – Spain, University of Southampton – UK, University of Piraeus Research Center – Greece, Progetti di Impresa srl and Fondazione Centro San Raffaele / Ospedale San Raffaele – Italy.