RomSoft Internships

Why Be a RomSoft Intern

We are happy to announce our participation in this year’s “Stagii Pe Bune” internship program. But this is the eighth time in a row, so no surprises here, right? So what’s different in a RomSoft internship program? Well successfully completing a summer internship is a good objective to start with, but we are looking for more. We’d like to help you start sketching on a serious career path.

Work in a Real Project

RomSoft internships offer paid professional work experience in a safe and structured environment with help from experts. As a RomSoft intern you will acquire hands-on work experience in one of our current projects. This increases our responsibility to help you do great work, and also helps you gain better understanding of how you can put to practice things you are learning in school.

Full Time Mentorship

A senior will guide you through your journey, because we need you to integrate into project work as fast as you can. Why is this important? When you work on your own your contribution to the project will be limited to the theoretical skills you acquired in school, or small experience you managed to gather working on individual projects. That is not good enough for you, or us. We need you to hit your full potential as soon as possible, and this is where the mentor steps in:

Enter a Learning Environment

Start acquiring new skills, right away: discover all the creative ways we use to learn from each other and from the best in our field – from unlimited access to books to in-house trainings, meetups, ad-hoc study groups, or blitzkrieg hackathons. At the same time a RomSoft internship is a great opportunity to improve soft skills such as communication, team work and time management.

Innitiative Is Encouraged

We are a horizontally managed organization where you can talk to anyone in the company regardless their title or position. Personal ideas and initiative is fully supported and welcome. If you have an idea for a new project or training subject or think something can be improved in the project you are working on, you will definitely be heard.

Speed Up Your Career

We are serious (and pretty good, too) about helping you speed up your career. If everything works fine and our collaboration spells success, we will surely make you an offer to stay. If this will be the case, we encourage you to take this opportunity. You will have our full support (including financially) in learning, acquiring professional certifications, upgrading your soft skills and work your way to becoming a master of your craft.

For more insights, meet us this Saturday, March 2nd, in the "Mihai Eminescu" Lecture Hall, at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iasi. Our presentation starts at 02:50 pm. Also, take a look through the event's agenda to plan your day. We'll be happy to see you and answer your questions.