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Showcasing 18 Years of Great Partnership

RomSoft - Sysmex Partnership Timeline

Our partnership with Sysmex Europe requires that once a year we undergo an audit of our work within the Sysmex projects. And while we often speak of our collaborations and projects we develop, only when assembling the information in a visual form, it becomes clear what a 18 years PARTNERship really looks like. So here it is ↑ 😊 Pretty cool, huh?

Sysmex Europe is among Europe’s top laboratory diagnostics and healthcare companies, and the global leader for hematology diagnostics and service. And we couldn’t be more proud that we’re doing our small part in the immense value they deliver to the world.

Also, if you were wondering, in creating this timeline we used the best tool you can find for visual project management. It took about 10 minutes to input the data, another minute to customize the appearance and voila! Online meeting with your executives in 15 minutes? No worries, your presentation will still be the star of the show.

Yes, we’re talking about Office Timeline, the best timeline maker on the market and we’re proud that our partners from the US have chosen us to develop their amazing product. Another partnership that’s worth talking about. But we’ll leave this for another occasion. Stay tuned to find out more.