First Weld Galaxy Newsletter Is Now Live

We are happy to deliver the first Weld Galaxy newsletter. The issue highlights the project, meet the partners and events.


WeldGalaxy EU project Weld Galaxy is a B2B online platform that will bring together global buyers and EU sellers of welding equipment along with auxiliaries/consumables and services. Funded by EU H2020 Grant no:822106.

DKM Platform

DKM platform – The crucial piece of the WeldGalaxy Jigsaw DKM is a virtual business hive providing an interactive operation and market space. An easy to use web-based system, DKM provides an intuitive and novel way of viewing data. An openness towards all kinds of digital knowledge representation including pictures, videos, regulation updates, interoperability services, maps and even small applications (plug-in) which introduce dynamic inputs.

The Dynamic Knowledge Management (DKM) platform is a TRL 9 commercial product of EKON. Ekon Modeling Software Systems Ltd (EKON) is part of the WeldGalaxy consortium.

Funding. This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 Innovation action Lump Sum program, Grant agreement number 822106.

About WeldGalaxy. WeldGalaxy partners include TWI (UK), FundingBox Accelerator (Poland), Lulea Tekniska Universitet (Sweden), Ekon Modeling Software Systems Ltd (Israel), Romsoft SRL (Romania), Flowphys AS (Norway), Technovative Solutions Ltd (UK), Arteevo Technologies Ltd (Israel), Aeonx AI (France), University of Leicester (UK), University Politechnca de Madrid (Spain). Visit our website to find out more: http://www.weldgalaxy.eu/

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