2 Years WeldGalaxy Anniversary Timeline

The WeldGalaxy consortium is celebrating its 2nd Anniversary. Two years after the project kick-off in October 2018, the project has achieved some notable milestones including the successful launch of the Open Innovation Pilots (OIPs) program. Led by a consortium of 11 partners, across UK and Europe, the project is looking forward to some exciting unveilings in the coming months.

Within the WeldGalaxy project we're developing a dedicated decentralized Blockchain (DLT) sub-platform component. Follow the green bullets to learn about the most important milestones we crossed so far:

Oct 2018 - Project Kick-Off
Weld Galaxy is a B2B online platform that will bring together global buyers and EU sellers of welding equipment along with auxiliaries/consumables and services.

Dec 2018 - Established Business Processes & Services over DLT
To deliver its wide range of features and services, the WeldGalaxy platform incorporates a dedicated decentralized Blockchain (DLT) sub-platform component that is developed by RomSoft. The purpose of the WeldGalaxy DLT platform is to decentralize business processes and workflows that take place among welding industry actors, thus facilitating trust, seamless data sharing, efficiency, traceability, auditability as well as obtaining other benefits of Blockchain.

May 2019 - Blockchain Architecture Finalized
The WeldGalaxy DLT network architecture takes into account the potential decentralized governance by an industry consortium, supports integration of multiple distributed applications, integrates the idea of secret smart contracts implemented through swarm communication and choreographic smart contracts, allows the possibility to anchor in a public Blockchain (e.g. Ethereum), ensures compatibility with other public ledgers.

Jul 2019 - Proposed Mockups for SSApps
Weldgalaxy Blockchain uses self-sovereign apps (SSApps) – an original concept from the PrivateSky open source platform - to facilitate various business processes identified within the consortium, such as automated tender offers, industrial solutions solicitation, and management of certification of conformance to industry standards.

Oct 2019 - Started the Development Implementation Phase

Jan 2020 - Started Design & Implementation of SSApps for the Tendering Processes
I.e. Tender Offer Manager, Bid Manager

Mar 2020 - Open Innovation Pilots Launched
Invited all manufacturing SMEs and MidCaps, welding equipment and consumables companies to apply for WeldGalaxy's 1st Open Innovation Call

May 2020 - Open Innovation Call Webinar
An in-depth "all you need to know" webinar about the application process in the Open Call for Welding Innovators.

Jun 2020 - Implemented SSApps' Authentication & Authorization Process

Aug 2010 - Started Design & Implementation of SSApps for ISO Certification Process
SSApps to help create and manage ISO documentation (ISO9001 and ISO3834) directly inside the WG platform, with Blockchain based versioning included.

Sep 2020 - Open Innovation Call Winners Announced
The open call was successfully closed with 10 proposals being chosen from a total of 34 that were submitted. Each of these ten proposals will receive funding of 100,000 Euros each, but also mentoring and business support from WeldGalaxy partners.

Oct 2020 - WeldGalaxy Two Years Anniversary

DUE Jan 2020 - Alpha Version Release
Coming up soon, can't wait! :)