Office Timeline
In 2012, RomSoft partnered with Office Timeline to produce and release their main product - Office Timeline, a powerful add-in allowing users to create high impact timelines using Power Point.


Timeline Wizard

Collects your data and does all the work for you. You don’t have to use any other software

Main features

Make professional timelines quickly, right inside Power Point;

Create effortless project visuals that showcase your work and impress customers, colleagues, and managers;

Obtain great looking Gantt Charts with the powerful yet intuitive timeline wizard;

Personalize your timeline with colors, text placement, date formats or adjust the timeline scale from months to weeks;

Copy and paste data directly from Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Project


On a mission to rid the world of boring project presentations that make audiences yawn, Office Timeline is a timeline maker built for knowledge workers that integrates with Power Point to deliver

Powerful Styles

Personalizing your Gantt charts and project timelines is a breeze.

stunning presentations. With just a few clicks you will be off to the meeting room with beautiful Gantt charts and complex timeline presentations that your customers and managers will appreciate.

The New Timeline Wizard collects your data, asks for a few display preferences and with the click of a button creates the timeline or Gantt chart you need. You don’t have to create and manage graphic objects with Power Point or third party software, Office Timeline does it all.

Office Timeline Plus unlocks 30 style and productivity features that will save time and help you create uniquely distinctive Gantt charts and timelines faster.

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Office Timeline 2013 Free Edition

Free, award winning Gantt Chart maker for Microsoft Power Point TM


Programming Language: C#


External Software:
LogicNP CryptoLicense (license management)

WCF, ASP.NET MVC 5, Azure Cloud Services, Azure Queues, Windows Installer

SQL Azure, Azure Blobs

SendGrid, Stripe

Office Timeline 2013 Plus Edition

Allows you to copy your project information from Excel and Paste it into your Timeline Wizard


10 different templates available and over 50 different US and International date formats available in the Plus edition
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