A human-centric approach to creative problem solving

For the October edition of Community Talks (the seventh of its kind), we had the amazing opportunity to meet Romania Interaction Lab founder Ciprian Amaritei. He is also Head of Creative Services at Endava Iasi and one of the most appreciated speakers in the local IT community.

Ciprian is not only passionate about UX design and its multiple interactions in the technical field, but he is also very involved in sharing his ideas and passion with the world, bringing people together, facilitating experiences, and supporting digital transformation, through a hands-on, human-centered approach.

Community Talks 7 Design Thinking Fundamentals with Ciprian Amaritei

About the conversation

The topic of our discussion was Design Thinking Fundamentals, and from the very first moment that we delved into that conversation, we realized it was less about design and more about thinking; envisioning a different approach to creative problem-solving, that puts the individual at its center. An approach that could be of use in any field of activity, especially those involving high levels of engineering, and not at all exclusive to software development.

Ciprian Amaritei on design thinking

We loved Ciprian’s emphasis on the human part and the empathic angle that he speaks from, from the display of the theoretical framework of the concept to the spot-on examples and insights.

It was an engaging conversation and a real pleasure to have him over. We definitely recommend you keep an eye on when he and his amazing team at Romania Interaction Lab will resume their training sessions, they’re definitely not to be missed.

What is Community Talks

After (almost) three years of remote work, we feel the need to, once in a while, get together and learn about inspiring stories from our line of work or from our community that are relevant to us.

With this idea in mind, we created this program called Community Talks. It is part of our larger discussion about tech storytelling and how to have better conversations in our everyday work.

Once a month, we want to invite somebody from outside RomSoft to share with us an inspiring story, or just to have an interesting conversation, be it in the technical area or anything else that we have a shared interest in.

Our guests will play the role of the Guide to any good story, helping us navigate through difficult challenges, acquire new skills and understand where the opportunities lie in this rapidly changing world.