AI in Software Development

Our latest Community Talks meeting was themed around one of the hottest topics of the moment - the rapid advancements made in artificial intelligence, and how these may affect developer, tester, designer, and all other tech related roles. How will AI shape the ...
programming with kids pitiCODE

Back to the magic of programming with kids

A few years ago, some of our colleagues had the wonderful idea that we could create a programming course for our children. Soon after, the idea grew into a small, volunteer based internal project, named pitiCODE.The first challenge On Saturday, we had our first ...
Tiberiu Teodor Stanciu Affective Mapping Workshop

Affective Mapping Workshop

On August 3rd 2023 we met with Tiberiu Teodor Stanciu for our 12th Community Talks edition – an affective mapping workshop that took us on a one of a kind journey.​ *** About our guest Tiberiu Teodor Stanciu is an architect, PhD, lecturer at the Faculty of ...
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