Tiberiu Teodor Stanciu Affective Mapping Workshop

Affective Mapping Workshop

On August 3rd 2023 we met with Tiberiu Teodor Stanciu for our 12th Community Talks edition – an affective mapping workshop that took us on a one of a kind journey.​ *** About our guest Tiberiu Teodor Stanciu is an architect, PhD, lecturer at the Faculty of ...
financial behavior event card

Financial Behavior in Uncertain Times

On July 28th 2023 we've been meeting Alin Andries for our 11th Community Talks edition - a conversation about financial behavior in uncertain times.​ *** Alin Andries is a Professor of Finance & Banking at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, ...
RomSoft new program training cats to fight the AI overlord ChatGPT

We asked ChatGPT

In line with the current trend and in anticipation of the weekend sign-off on a Friday afternoon, we thought it was worth seeing what ChatGPT from OpenAI knows about RomSoft and how it would arrange the information in different literary forms, both in epic and ...
wpf best practices

7 WPF best practices

In continuing our WPF themed series, I invite you to go through this collection of seven best practices. No matter if you are starting new or have an existing application, it wouldn’t hurt to be aware of your code’s performance and what can be done in this ...
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