Financial Behavior in Uncertain Times

On July 28th 2023 we’ve been meeting Alin Andries for our 11th Community Talks edition – a conversation about financial behavior in uncertain times.​


Alin Andries is a Professor of Finance & Banking at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, of the Alexandru Ioan Cuza in Iasi and Research fellow of Institute for Economic ForecastingRomanian Academy. Previously, he was a Go8 Senior Research Fellow at the School of Banking and Finance, UNSW Australia and a SCIEX Senior Research Fellow at the Swiss Institute of Banking and Finance, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Author and co-author in over 90 scientific publications, his research interests are focused on financial intermediation, household finance and systemic risk.

financial behavior event card

A few notes

Every edition of Community Talks is an opportunity to have meaningful conversations with people who are experts in their field and from whom we have a lot to learn. This time we wanted to address some of the factors that influence our financial behavior in times of economic uncertainty and how we can make better decisions.

This topic holds a dual significance, being both actual and complex, as it profoundly impacts each one of us, whether we realize it or not. We were so privileged to be able to engage in a discussion about our curiosities and concerns on the matter with Alin Andries, undoubtedly one of the foremost experts in this field.

During our discussion, we delved into the significant impact of financial education, or its absence, on molding our personal financial behavior, particularly during periods of economic uncertainty. We also explored effective ways to combat common behavioral biases when making financial choices.

We appreciated our guest’s upfront approach in sharing with us some insightful examples, drawn from personal financial decisions, or lessons from historical financial crises, providing valuable takeaways for us to learn from. At the same time, he cautioned against the tendency of us humans to be more influenced by recent events due to our short-term memory, sometimes overlooking the significance of past experiences.

We’re most grateful for the opportunity to meet Professor Andries, and we remain hopeful that our ways will cross again in the future, as we have many more questions to ask! 😊

What is Community Talks

In our third year of remote work, we feel the need to, once in a while, get together and learn about inspiring stories from our line of work or from our community that are relevant to us.

With this idea in mind, we created this program that we called Community Talks. It is part of our larger discussion about tech storytelling and how to have better conversations in our everyday work.

Once a month, we want to invite somebody from outside RomSoft to share with us an inspiring story, or just to have an interesting conversation, be it in the technical area or anything else that we have a shared interest. Our guests will play the role of the Guide to any good story, helping us navigate through difficult challenges, acquire new skills and understand where the opportunities lie in this rapidly changing world.