Sysmex Caresphere AM (Analyser Management) /LM (Laboratory Management) is a cloud-based analytics software application for use in monitoring and managing the performance, productivity, and efficiency of Sysmex analyzers.


Sysmex Caresphere AM (Analyser Management) processes non-medical statistical data such as key performance indicators (KPI’s) and operational business logic from single site locations.

Real-time and periodical data summaries, such as analyzer conditions, system status and cycle counts, are displayed in the application to facilitate centralized management of information.

Sysmex Caresphere LM (Laboratory Management) adds to the AM solution the possibility to monitor multi-site locations and provide additional data summaries like turnaround times and rerun rations.

EPU cumulated view



Angular, CSS, HTML, Typescript


C#, Net Framework, REST, Entity Framework


Microsoft SQL Server


Caresphere Digital Solutions portfolio is designed to address the most relevant needs of modern diagnostic laboratories by offering a continuously growing suite of applications to facilitate smart data-driven decisions and services, and support customers in the digital transformation process in areas such as Lab management, Analyzer management or Quality management.

RomSoft is involved in developing the Lab Management module (Caresphere LM) and Analyzer Management module (Caresphere AM).

Caresphere LM offers lab managers views and analytics on key parameters such as turnaround times, rerun ratios, and other performance metrics in one integrative and customizable dashboard tool.

Caresphere AM is a software application of choice for lab operators to manage Sysmex analyzer condition, quality control and troubleshooting across multiple sites in one central dashboard – anytime, anywhere. Caresphere AM offers advanced digital services by connecting users to various technical equipment and Sysmex customer services on one information platform.

For more information please visit the Sysmex Caresphere website.

Caresphere facility configuration
Caresphere terms and conditions management

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