CT ExprèsTM 3D

CT ExprèsTM 3D is a single board computer software application for an injector device that locally or remotely controls the operation of dosing and injecting contrast media agents into patients, to prepare them for CT imaging diagnosis. The application manages both the Human Machine Interface (HMI) and the Computer Tomography (CT) and Remote Controller communications.


The device was available on the market, but due to the rapid evolving of the technologies, the client wanted to completely rewrite the software app and align it with the latest technologies. Also, the client wanted to enhance the existing device and create a new generation of injectors.

CT Expres Device


Programming Language:



.Net 4.5, WPF, AutoFac, MSTest, Entity Framework, CanOpen

Communication Protocols:

RS 232, RS 485, CiA 425

Operating System:

Windows 10 IoT

Device Processor:

Intel Core i5/Quad core

development environment


Visual Studio 2017


Enterprise architect

Requirements and documentation:

Polarion, Office 365

Integration and testing:

Team city, Tortoise SVN

Project Management:

Jira, Confluence

our contribution

The project was a complex one, involving hardware, firmware and software development, with the participation of 3 different partners, from Romania, Germany and Moldavia.

The RomSoft team was responsible for the development of the single board computer app. The requirements for the software development process were reflected in the structure of the team, which was composed of 7 members, with the following structure: technical leaders, architects, developers, QA specialist (IEC 62304) and testers.

The process was aligned to the IEC 62304 standard which specifies life cycle requirements for the development of medical software and software within medical devices. Also, the development process has taken into account the fact that the device has been assessed as a C risk class (high level risk) product.

CT Expres touch screen
CT Expres warning

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XF-300 is a single board computer software developed for the Sysmex XF-300 Flow Cytometer. The device is specifically intended for the in vitro diagnostic procedure and the evaluation of the clinical status for people living with HIV.

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