Extended IPU

Extended IPU is designed to coordinate small to large medical laboratory workflows, and offer (if not narrowed by other user restrictions) a consolidated, real-time view of the lab hierarchy and all its entities.


Here are some of the following functions that Extended IPU is designed to carry out:

Connect and monitor the activity of all XN-Series analysers and other devices in a medical laboratory, making the lab workflow highly customizable and at the same time sharply precise, even when a wide range of parameters are involved;

Manage orders and send them over to the analysers, controlling the complete order management for the EDTA blood sample tubes;

Receive results and validate them (by executing performance technical validation);

Report the validated results to other external systems, as needed.

EPU cumulated view


Programming Languages:


Technology & Framework:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 / .NET Framework 4.5


Microsoft SQL Server

Programming Languages:

CSLA Business Objects Framework, DevExpress User Interface Controls.


Extended IPU is a Work Area Manager – WAM

A reflection of the real life lab hierarchy, assisting clinicians and lab workers to manage correctly the day to day operations that need to be carried out with respect to its various entities: lab customers, workplaces, rules, tests, patients, users etc.

The software is installed with the new XN-Series analysers – the flagship haematology concept of Sysmex Europe. The productivity benefits of these systems are many. The workflow routine is automated, smoother and more efficient, leaving more time for lab technicians to accomplish other important, nonrecurring tasks.

The system is capable of covering all pathology profiles fully automatically, with complete personalization on the user part: determining what is analysed, at what speed, managing results exactly as required. In terms of connectivity, the work area management systems can be linked to multiple laboratory locations.

For example, the XN-9000, part of the XN-Series, is responsible with the workload balance of a haematology lab. The Extended IPU makes it possible for the XN-9000 to manage completely automatically the pre-sorting and combining of the EDTA sample tubes, in order to optimise analyser’s capabilities, including tube archiving and fast distribution to other work areas, in this way making each tube completely traceable, at any time.

For more information please visit the Sysmex Europe website.

EPU first level sample validation
EPU haematology differential pad

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