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Office Timeline is a simple but powerful add-in for PowerPoint that helps business professionals quickly turn complex project data into clear, eye-catching visuals that executives and stakeholders will easily understand.


Presenting the outline of a project to stakeholders, execs or team members has always represented a major pain point for project managers. Usual project management tools produce visuals that are either too complex or unappealing and creating one from scratch is a time-consuming ordeal.

Frustrated by this experience, two project managers envisioned a timeline maker that works directly in PowerPoint and approached RomSoft to help them develop their product idea, called Office Timeline.

Office Timeline Powerpoint Slides


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Azure technologies (Azure Insights, App Services,
Azure Storage, Azure Functions)


The RomSoft engineers agreed to take on the project and, since 2012, Office Timeline and RomSoft have been working together in a strategic partnership to build the world’s best timeline and Gantt chart maker. Over the years, the Office Timeline project team in Iasi has grown to around 70 people covering not just Development but also UX, Marketing, Support and Sales.

With new powerful features released constantly, Office Timeline has quickly become the timeline creator most popular with professionals, with more than 3 million users around the world.

Today, the app is the only project management tool that creates native PowerPoint Gantt chart, timeline, and roadmap slides, with just a few clicks. Office Timeline users love the easy integration and import options from other project management software, the stunning templates, and the drag & drop simplicity.

“We simply could not have accomplished what we have without this partnership. And I don’t mean this just from a product development point of view, I mean it as I think of all the things required to incubate, launch and grow a business”, said Tim Stumbles, CEO and co-founder at Office Timeline.

Find out more about this powerful add-in on the Office Timeline website.

drag and drop updating Office Timeline Pro Plus
Office Timeline Pro Plus tailoring your timeline

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