XF-300 is a single board computer software developed for the Sysmex XF-300 Flow Cytometer. The device is specifically intended for the in vitro diagnostic procedure and the evaluation of the clinical status for people living with HIV.


Handles the entire in-vitro examination process starting with the collection of the specimen and analytical processing and measurement on the IVD instrument to automatically determine the IVD assay result;

Performs assay measurements (CD4, CD4%, CD4/CD8);

Provides QC material identification either by scanning a barcode on the Quality Control material label or by typing  the characters in a textbox via the touch keyboard or by typing  the characters via an external keyboard;

Outputs QC results reports, as files, with the results of the previously run measurements;

Exports measurement data to external USB storage device;

Home screen
CT Expres warning


Programming Languages:



.Net Framework 6




Entity Framework

development environment


Visual Studio 2019/2022


Enterprise architect

Version Control System:


Developer tools:

Azure DevOps


SQL Server, LocalDB (built-in .NET)


XF-300 is a Flow Cytometer

The device is a quantitative clinical flow cytometer designed for the determination of the absolute number of CD4+ T lymphocytes, the percentage of CD4+ cells and the CD4 / CD8 ratio in human EDTA venous whole blood samples.

RomSoft is partnering Sysmex to develop both operator and technician device applications.

The software is installed on the XF-300 device specifically intended for the in vitro diagnostic procedure to aid the diagnosis of immune and clinical status of patients living with HIV . The device is also used for monitoring, initiation or follow-up of treatment for people living with HIV.

There is no need for prior knowledge or experience with predecessor or comparable devices.

The device is very accessible (price-wise and from maintenance point of view) in areas with high HIV incidence.

CT Expres touch screen
CD4-CD8 results screen

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