What makes RomSoft – a coming of age list

Every year, on December 19th, we celebrate the company birthday. This year, we are turning 18. It’s a mature age, and there are many things we’d like to share. But above all, we’d like to write down the most important things that make us who we are. So here’s a list of the events, values and ideas that have shaped RomSoft into the grown-up company we are today.

Our Story

RomSoft was born in 2001. Back then, we were a one-client software-on-demand company with just a handful of skilled experts. We’ve come a long way since then. Today, we are privileged to connect with clients all over the world in a diversity of projects, enjoying the expertise of 100+ extraordinary team of professionals. And we’re still growing.

rms story

Our logo

Our logo illustrates a mathematical concept known as “the divine proportion” – Phi – that’s calculated at 1.618. The intersection of the main lines of the RomSoft logo matches this value, with visual associations of continuity, progress, and performance.

rms logo

Our mission

Our mission is to develop software applications that cut costs, free resources, improve customer service, and make people’s lives a bit better.

rms mission

Our values

A company’s values are like its backbone. We can live without them, but we cannot stand. When times are tough, we go back to that core of who we are and why we’re doing what we’re doing. And they are like the blueprints that will help us bring the construction up again. In RomSoft, we live by these guiding principles:

rms values

Making things a bit better

It’s hard to change the world, although we all dreamt about it when we were younger. But here’s what we can do. We can do our job in the best way possible, every day. We can try to educate ourselves, and to improve. We can ask ourselves often: how can I make things a little better than what they are now.

Continuous learning

By encouraging continuous learning, initiative, and innovation, we create a dynamic working environment of professional people who are passionate about their work, but also dedicated to teamwork and full of office fun gimmicks. Our instruments for continuous learning are professional certifications, books, courses & training, learning platforms, open communication and lots of caffeine.

Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing complements so perfectly the continuous learning concept. When we get together to learn something or to achieve any other objective, we become more than a team. We form a community. We don’t only share what we know, but also how we learn, how it makes us feel, or what we want to accomplish. Here are just a few examples:

Infobites – Our Office Timeline online marketing team rounds up every Wednesday for short entertaining presentations they call Infobites. It’s a nice way for them to get to know what role everyone is playing in the project economy and how they can help each other. And to share snacks – which explains the “bites” part in the name.

The Storytelling Project – We believe everybody can become a good storyteller. So we set-up a storytelling workshop to help us work those creative muscles, as well as spread our ideas to the outside world in their best possible shape. The blog post you’re reading right now was created as part of this workshop and we hope to publish more soon.

Automated Testing Training – Our software testers’ team is currently undergoing an OOP programming training. The main objective is to help them consolidate their programming notions, but also get to know each other and collaborate, as they are spread over a number of different projects and don’t get to work together as a team too much.

RPA Course – We have two colleagues who are currently undergoing an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) development course, which represents a domain with a rapid growth and a unique personal development opportunity.

3d Printing Workshops – Anyone in the company can attend at one time or another a 3D printing workshop or use the 3D printer and accessories available on-site to make a small personal project come to life.

JS 1o1 – Also, for colleagues who need JavaScript in their work, we have a one-on-one JavaScript training program they can attend.

pitiCODE – Last year, some of our colleagues wondered what a programming course for kids would look like. And then pitiCODE was born. If you’re curious to find out more, check out the Responsibility section below.

What we want to say is that knowledge sharing can take many forms. But more than its shapes, what matters most is the energy it stirs and the opportunities that can arise from each initiative.

We believe in helping others benefit from our hard-earned expertise, too, so we participate as often as we can in training, workshops and other community events or even offer consultancy for software development start-ups.

Cultivating quality

We care deeply about quality in everything we do. In January 2004 we got our first ISO certification. On December 4th 2008, RomSoft was granted the „Certification for Scientific Development and Research“, in conformity with Decision No. 9816 issued on 12/04/2008 by NASR (National Authority for Scientific Research). Currently, our quality management system is ISO 9001 certified by TÜV AUSTRIA CERT GMBH.

Our people

We, at RomSoft, are a family of team-oriented professionals. Consistency, fairness and transparency define who we are. When you join us, you soon learn that at RomSoft you challenge your skills, test your abilities in software development, and work with like-minded professionals just like you.

Although we recognize the immense value of team-work, we also celebrate the unique individuality of every one of us. That’s why we run on a flexible daily schedule, a flat hierarchy and a relaxed environment where we all help each other to achieve more.

rms people

Our partners

Some of our valued long-term customers chose to collaborate with us within so called “framework agreements” that allow us to develop more complex software solutions. We call them strategic partnerships – where risks and benefits are shared in a mutually trusting, long-term relationship.

rms partners

Our technologies

We use a mix of technologies based on each project needs and customer requirements. If you’re curious about the technologies we use, please check out our Projects website section to find out more.

rms technologies

Our Microsoft partnership

RomSoft became a Microsoft Partner for the first time in June 2010 and obtained the Gold Partner competency level in May 2016. The partnership is renewed every year, thanks to continued efforts on both sides (management and employees). This summer we celebrated 9 years in the Microsoft Partners Network.

rms ms partnership

Our projects

We build software applications to be used in medicine, in various industries or in more cultural areas of our lives. We always seek to engage in projects and partnerships that challenge us and have a true potential to contribute to a lasting, sustainable future. You can find out more about our projects here.

rms projects

Our responsibility

We engage in commercial projects but also in research and development adventures. We sustain business initiatives as well as actions to help our communities. Below are just a few examples:

rms responsibility

  • Greener offices

We are making small steps in making our offices greener, either by hosting more plants, recycling, or investing in technology to help us reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Social responsibility

At RomSoft, as one self-aware tech company, we know that the act of caring for others and doing good deeds work like endorphin releasers to our brains. And the effect is even more accentuated when sharing your good deeds with other people.

All we’re left to do is find new, creative ways to get involved, and support causes that help our community grow. Here’s one example of many.

  • An investment in our future

By this time, you know that we’re very fond of educational projects. At the beginning of 2019, some of our colleagues had the most wonderful idea: create a programming course for our employees’ kids. Soon after, the idea grew into a small, volunteer-based internal project, named pitiCODE. How it worked out? Have a look here and here.


We’ve come a long way since 2001. We’ve grown on a personal and team level. 18 year later, we can say for sure that what unites us — more than our hobbies, our personalities and our common projects — is our curiosity, which leads to a strong passion for innovation. This shows in our research and development activity, but also in our commercial projects, where we often search for better ways to solve problems. In terms of clients and collaborators, we know that we’re in good company and that standards are set pretty high. That’s where a solid foundation comes in handy. It helps us look confidently to the future and take on the challenge to stand up to any opportunities to come.

Let’s meet

So, this is a small part of what makes us. To find out more, visit our website and don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel we’ve got things in common.