pitiCODE – reporting from programming wonderland

Programming with kids is nothing less than “fungramming”, our pilot kids programming course has revealed.

Recently, some of our teammates had the most wonderful idea, to create a programming course for our employees’ kids. Soon after, the idea grew into a small, volunteer based internal project, named pitiCODE.

On Sunday we had our first encounter with our enthusiastic piticoders and managed to capture some of its magic on camera. Notions like operators, algorithms, computer programs were both known and new to them, and along with Scratch, a graphical programming language for kids, they will soon be able to create their own stories.

Through this program we are advancing our recruitment strategy to a superior level but also give our kids the opportunity to understand where their parents are going every morning and where from are they coming back random hours in the evening (due to traffic jam, of course <:-).