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We are the people of RomSoft, and this is our web home.

We are a Romanian based software development company. We pride ourselves to be one of the oldest software development companies on the local scene of Iasi. Here’s what makes us stand out from the crowd.

our mission
and culture

Our mission is to develop software applications that make people’s lives a bit better.

Technology is just a tool. It is us, humans who determine how tools are used. We make it our core mission to engage in projects that aim to make life better for the individual, and at the same time have the potential to contribute to an improved, sustainable future.

a learning

Our values are our backbone. We can survive without them, but we cannot stand. When times are tough, we go back to that core of who we are and why we’re doing what we’re doing. And these are like the blueprints that will help us bring the construction up again. In RomSoft, we live by these three guiding principles:
Always learning, sharing knowledge, cultivating quality.

our core

Always learning

By encouraging continuous learning, initiative, and innovation, we create a space where people can reach their true potential. Our instruments for continuous learning are professional certifications, books, courses & training, learning platforms, open communication and
lots of caffeine.

Sharing knowledge

Knowledge sharing complements so perfectly the continuous learning concept. Not all of us are lone riders, to learn through individual study. Some members of the pack learn better from others. And some find clarity by teaching others.
We encourage all styles and any combination
in between.

Cultivating quality

We know that quality is often an elusive term and also quite overused. That’s why we measure it through sound reference systems, like our certified quality management system; or the long-term Microsoft partnership. Either way, we care deeply about quality in everything we do.

engaged people = productive team = happy customers

Are you curious about how these values came about?

let’s work

Family is too much said. But when you’re on a timeshare with the same people every working day, your business becomes personal business. We work, we learn, and we laugh together. We share good moments and less charming moments.

The truth is – we are normal people. We come from different areas, both technical and non-technical.

We’re a well-balanced crew of 10 to 20 year veterans with the company and “fresh blood”, or, in other words, a fair ratio of boomers, millennials and gen-Zs. That mix makes for some very interesting chatting during our coffee breaks, covering everything from how gadgets looked in the nineties, to fixing an iRobot, or the latest blockchain hack. What we have in common is our passion for building software that will improve people’s life.

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