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custom development process

We adapt our development process based on customer preferences and project requirements, using methodologies such as Agile and Waterfall.

Depending on each case, project roles can be covered exclusively by the RomSoft team or in tandem with the customer team.

For application life cycle management we are mainly using Azure DevOps Server (ADOS) but we can easily adapt to other systems that our customers are comfortable using. We have solid experience using Confluence, Jira, Polarion and CodeBeamer.

services strategic partnership

strategic partnership

We build software applications that solve real problems. We listen not to trends, but to our customers’ needs. That’s why our collaboration model of choice is co-sourcing in long term strategic partnerships. What does this mean? 

A long term “framework agreement” or strategic partnership is a win-win type of collaboration where risks and benefits are shared in a mutually trusting, long-term relationship.

services research & development

research & development

We love it when science is combined with technology. In 2002 we were accepted in our first research project, and in 2008 we took it a step further by obtaining a “Certification for Scientific Development and Research” which is issued by NASR (National Authority for Scientific Research). 

Since then, our research and development department has taken off. Over the next 13 years we’ve been involved in 13 research projects and gained expertise in areas like e-health, telemedicine, or self-management of diseases as well in new technology areas like AI/machine learning and blockchain.

our approach

Choosing the right technology for the project requirements and riding the new technologies wave are two quite different things, and often, tech people as well as stakeholders want the best of both worlds.

How to find balance is the more difficult riddle. To solve it, we had to turn to our core values: always learning, sharing knowledge, and cultivating quality.

We make every effort to support our team members in a process of continuous learning: from study time to mentoring and financial support.

Fluid roles and flat hierarchy allow people to navigate through different skills and technologies.

We use our research & development department as an entry way to gaining knowhow in emerging fields like robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other potentially
disruptive niches.

The projects we develop within long time partnership frameworks allow us to consolidate our skills base in mainstream tech and at the same time take small dips in more innovative waters.

the RomSoft

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