20 years. Project stories. People stories.

20 years ago, in a university city in the North-Eastern region of Romania, there were two experienced software engineers who had a clear idea about how a software development house was supposed to work. And that’s how RomSoft was founded.

At first, they had only one customer, and just a handful of skilled experts who were confident enough to join them in this adventure.

We’ve come a long way since then. Today, we are privileged to connect with clients all over the world in a diversity of projects, enjoying the expertise of 100+ extraordinary team of professionals.

To celebrate this important milestone in our existence, we decided to open up and talk about some of the most important experiences that influenced our becoming.

The result was this 20 story eBook that we are happy to share with you. Each article featured in it is an important piece of our history, growth and learning process. We hope you will enjoy it.

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We dedicate this collection of stories to all the people who walk this road with us every day, who live by the same values as we do, and work towards our common goal: to make people’s lives a bit better.

First in line are all the people who are part of the RomSoft team today. From 20 year veterans with the company to the newer kids on the block, we all function like a big family. You’ll find some of their names inside these pages, as they decided to share with the rest of the world their most meaningful experiences at RomSoft. This leap of faith is honoring and humbling. 

Then, we’re grateful to all our customers, who trust us and keep investing in us. Some of these amazing customers have decided to share their thoughts in this eBook, which is actually very cool and reassuring for the years to come. 

Last, but not least, there are the people who have worked with us for a number of years, and contributed in different ways to building this company. Some of them found their way into this sharing exercise, too. This shows how solid our extended community is, and that, once part of the RomSoft team, you’ll always be a part of the RomSoft team. 

Thank you all for walking along with us. Enjoy the journey for 20 more!