PEPPER, a HORIZON 2020 EU funded project, reunites 6 international partners under the coordination of Oxford Brookes University (UK). The project proposes a self-health management system that in its first phase will address type II diabetes patients.


Less invasive procedures and reduced incidence of extreme blood glucose incidents;

Improved lifestyle based on reassuring personalised decision support system using case-based reasoning combined with predictive computer modelling;

Strong emphasis on safety;

Wearable technology BG sensors and insulin pump offers hope both to adults and parents of young children with the condition;

Additional research in behavioural science and what determines patients to play a bigger role in managing their own wellbeing, on the long run

PEPPER System Workflow


Programming Languages:

C#, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript

Technology & Framework:



Microsoft SQL Server


The system can make predictions based on real-time data collected from multiple sources, but also automate BG tests and insulin intake through easy wearable technology.

The Romanian partner RomSoft, along with the British company Cellnovo provided the hardware platform for the mobile guidance tool and the cloud-based personal health care record, both of which will conform to international standards. The system was first tested using an FDA-approved simulator and then evaluated through a full clinical trial.

The decision support engine can be considered the core innovation of PEPPER, and it implies additional research in a more subtle but critically important domain that refers to behavioural science and what determines patients to play a bigger role in managing their own wellbeing, on the long run.

The results helped RomSoft and its partners design and integrate a fully reliable decision support module.

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