The Multifunctional Ecosystem for the Integration of Disease Self-Management Medical Services (EMIM) is built as a free cloud application dedicated to patients, medical professionals and pharmacists, in order to help them create a digital, paperless ecosystem that facilitates their easy communication and collaboration.


Traditional healthcare systems are often monoliths that offer low data visibility, difficult patient-doctor communication and heavily rely on paperwork that leads to lack of transparency and high operating costs. The patient has low control over crucial aspects like doctor-patient communication, interaction and data privacy.



Programming Languages:



Microsoft Visual Studio on .NET Framework


SQL Server


RomSoft developed a cloud based online platform where, in three easy steps, users can create a free account, which will give them access to all designated functionalities in accordance with the type of user: patient, doctor or pharmacist.

Effective clinic management

EMIM offers doctors the possibility to create a virtual, 100% paperless clinic from scratch. Patients can make appointments online, from the website, or from the mobile EMIM Patient application, however they find convenient.

In the same way, doctors can use the in-browser application in tandem with the mobile one to schedule appointments or access extended features like Quick SMS (send a message to all patients, or todays appointments, for example), or ID scan (to automatically add a new patient).

Patient management system and inter-clinic collaboration

EMIM allows doctors to record a patient’s history that is accessible anytime needed. Moreover, any doctor who is logged into the system can add info on a specific patient. All specialists involved in one case (doctor, technicians, surgeons, analyses laboratories) will be able to have an instant and complete view over the case, make more informed decisions and communicate better.

Data ownership

No matter where the medical data is stored, in EMIM, it is the patient who is the sole owner of his/her medical data. A doctor who needs to have access to this data will use the Data Access option in the application. An SMS is sent to the patient with a code. The patient will communicate the code to the doctor. The patient can revoke the data access at any time.

Cloud Benefits

The main advantage of cloud applications is easy access, from the web browser, anytime, any device and anywhere, without prior installation. Also, the cloud system comes with the advantage that no more time is spent with back-up or system cleaning operations.

EMIM Data Ownership
EMIM web based clinic application
EMIM mobile screens

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