pitiCODE 1st series finale

Today we have many reasons to celebrate! We cross this finishing line with great enthusiasm and the smiles of our kids imprinted in our hearts forever.

Thank you RomSoft trainers and organizers, you know who you are! Be sure that your effort is deeply appreciated, and don't forget: "To teach is to touch lives forever".

Thank you kids for your interest, enthusiasm and great learning pace, we sure learned a lot from you, too. We'll be back in September well rested and fully charged for the next series. Stay tuned!

Let us remind you that through this program we are advancing our recruitment strategy to a superior level but also give our kids the opportunity to understand where their parents are going every morning and where from are they coming back random hours in the evening (due to traffic jam, of course <:-).

That's it for now. Have a great vacation, as we're planning to create more story games inspired by your summer tales!