Back to the magic of programming with kids

A few years ago, some of our colleagues had the wonderful idea that we could create a programming course for our children. Soon after, the idea grew into a small, volunteer based internal project, named pitiCODE.

pitiCODE at RomSoft  new season 2024

The first challenge

On Saturday, we had our first encounter with this season’s participants.

Our enthusiastic piticoders received a fun and interesting challenge. They had to come up with a set of exact instructions for a yummy sandwich recipe. The instructions were then passed on to our newly prototyped Robo-Chefs.

pitiCODE exact instructions challenge

After all the teams completed the sandwich task successfully, they got to see what computers look like on the inside, and finally, they got to taste the sandwiches. It appears that they were delicious.

In the next session, they will have the opportunity to play with Scratch, a graphical programming language for kids, and hopefully, soon, they will be able to create their own stories.

What is pitiCODE

Through this program, by using play and learn methods, we want to help our children understand basic notions like operators, algorithms, and computer programs, while also giving them the opportunity to see where their parents spend their days while they’re engaged in their own learning at school or kindergarten.