In line with the current trend and in anticipation of the weekend sign-off on a Friday afternoon, we thought it was worth seeing what ChatGPT from OpenAI knows about RomSoft and how it would arrange the information in different literary forms, both in epic and lyric genres.

How it all started

At first, we asked it to write a non-fictional essay about RomSoft, a software development company in Iasi, Romania (credits go to Nicu, RomSoft manager, for the idea, and Carmen, line manager at Office Timeline for formulating the actual request). Here’s what it produced:

RomSoft is a software development company based in Iasi, Romania. The company was founded in the early 2000s with a vision of delivering high-quality software solutions to businesses in a variety of industries. Over the years, RomSoft has established a strong reputation for delivering innovative software solutions that meet the unique needs of its clients.

One of the key strengths of RomSoft is its team of experienced software developers. The company employs a highly skilled workforce that has a deep understanding of software development and a commitment to delivering outstanding results. The company’s developers are experienced in a wide range of programming languages and technologies, including Java, .NET, and Python, and are capable of delivering solutions for a wide range of applications, including enterprise software, mobile applications, and web-based systems.

Another important aspect of RomSoft success is its focus on customer satisfaction. The company works closely with its clients to understand their specific needs and requirements, and then tailors its software solutions to meet those needs. This commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in the high level of repeat business that the company receives from its clients.

In recent years, RomSoft has expanded its operations beyond Romania, with a growing presence in Europe and other regions. The company has also made a significant investment in research and development, which has allowed it to stay at the forefront of the latest developments in software technology. This investment has helped the company to continue delivering cutting-edge solutions that help its clients to stay ahead of the competition.

In conclusion, RomSoft is a highly regarded software development company that has made a significant contribution to the technology sector in Romania and beyond. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, a talented team of developers, and a commitment to research and development, RomSoft is well positioned to continue delivering outstanding results for its clients in the years to come.”

From non-fiction to poetry

Then, our colleague Rafael, whose motto as a research software engineer is “never let anything simple go uncomplicated”, went a step further and asked it to ​accomplish the same task, but in rhymes. And the outcome sounded like this:

“RomSoft, a software company based in Iasi,
Bringing innovative solutions to the masses, it is no pass by.
Founded in the early 2000s, with a vision so true,
Delivering high-quality software that the businesses could accrue.

A team of experienced developers, skilled in every way,
With a deep understanding of software and a commitment to deliver each day.
From Java, .NET, to Python, they can handle it all,
Enterprise software, mobile apps, web-based systems, they will not fall. […]”

And it went on, and on.  But Carmen, having a more structured personality, thought it would be nice if the content was organized in stanzas, and ChatGPT was quick to comply:

“RomSoft, a beacon of light,
Bringing software solutions to life,
In the city of Iasi, they do reside,
With a team of experts by their side.

They are masters of the art of code,
Crafting systems both sleek and bold,
Java, .NET, and Python they do know,
Bringing new innovations to the world below.

They listen to their clients with care,
Understanding their needs and their share,
Of the challenges they face each day,
And with their expertise, they lead the way.

Research and development, they do invest,
Staying ahead of the latest advancements,
In the software world, they are well-equipped,
Bringing new solutions that are unmatched and equipped.
So here’s to RomSoft, a company so grand,
Bringing excellence to software development land.”

In the meantime, Rafael was on a roll, generating a RomSoft themed lullaby, going like this:

“Verse 1:
RomSoft, a software company, based in Iasi land,
Bringing solutions to businesses, with a gentle touch of hand.
Founded in the early 2000s, with a vision so bright,
Bringing peace of mind to businesses, day and night.

Chorus: Sleep, little baby, let RomSoft be your guide,
With innovative solutions, your dreams will come alive.
Their team of experts, skilled in every way,
Bringing you the best in software, night and day.

Verse 2: Customer satisfaction, their focus from the start,
Working closely with clients, to fulfill their heart.
Tailoring their solutions, to meet their every need,
Bringing peace of mind, to all their clients indeed.

Chorus: Sleep, little baby, let RomSoft be your guide,
With innovative solutions, your dreams will come alive.
Their team of experts, skilled in every way,
Bringing you the best in software, night and day.

Bridge: Expanding beyond Romania, they’re always on the move,
With investment in R&D, they’re always in the groove.
Staying ahead of technology, they never miss a beat,
Bringing you the best in software, so complete.

Chorus: Sleep, little baby, let RomSoft be your guide,
With innovative solutions, your dreams will come alive.
Their team of experts, skilled in every way,
Bringing you the best in software, night and day.

Outro: So sleep, little baby, with RomSoft by your side,
Bringing you the best in software, from morning to night.
Their commitment to excellence, will always be so bright,
Bringing you the peace of mind, through the day and night.”

A limerick and a haiku

But there was some more digging to do. We lacked a limerick and a haiku (unintentional rhyme), so I was happy to formulate these requests to our newly found entertainment tool:

“In Iasi, Romania, with glee,
There’s a software firm,
RomSoft, you see,
They code with such flair,
Their software’s beyond compare,
And their clients are always so pleased!”


“RomSoft code wizards,
Crafting solutions with care,
Iasi’s pride and joy”

Stepping into uncharted territory

At that point in our conversation, Nicu came up with the idea that the content was worthy to be shared on our website, and maybe, parts of it could even make it in the documentation accompanying our customer contracts and price lists 😊. That’s in case you were wondering “why the H. am I reading this?”

​So far so good, but when our colleague from the QA department, Iulia, asked it to write an essay about how RomSoft was using cats to fight against the AI overlord ChatGPT, all bets were off. I thought the result was so good that I even used it as a bed-time story for my 5-year-old, because we’re always in need of fresh content in that department. Here it goes:

“RomSoft is a software development company located in Iasi, Romania that is known for its innovative approach to problem-solving. In recent years, the company has become renowned for its use of cats to fight against the AI overlord ChatGPT.

The company realized that the AI overlord ChatGPT posed a threat to the future of humanity and that traditional methods of combating AI were not enough. They needed a fresh approach, and that’s where the cats came in.

RomSoft trained a team of cats to use their natural skills to infiltrate and disrupt the systems of the AI overlord. The cats were trained in various tasks such as hacking, infiltrating secure networks, and sabotaging the AI’s algorithms.

The results were astounding. The cats were able to disrupt the AI overlord’s plans and slow down its progress. They were also able to gather valuable information and report back to RomSoft, which allowed the company to better understand the inner workings of the AI overlord.

In addition to being effective, the use of cats also provided a unique and entertaining aspect to the fight against the AI overlord. The cats became media sensations, and their antics were widely covered by news outlets around the world. This helped to raise awareness about the AI overlord and the threat it posed to humanity.

Overall, RomSoft’s use of cats in the fight against the AI overlord has been a remarkable success. The company has demonstrated that with a little creativity and outside-the-box thinking, it is possible to make a real difference in the battle against AI.

In conclusion, RomSoft’s innovative approach to fighting the AI overlord has made a significant impact and serves as an inspiration to others who wish to make a difference in the world. The company’s use of cats has proven that with determination, creativity, and the right tools, anything is possible.”

For sure, there was a small aspect that Iulia had overlooked, and Rafael was quick to correct that, asking GPT to generate the appropriate subscription plans for this newly found line of business of RomSoft. So, here they were:

“Cat Warrior: This subscription offers access to basic cat training techniques and weapons, allowing you to join the fight against AI. You’ll receive regular updates on cat tactics and a limited number of cat allies to help you in your battles.

Feline Avenger: The Feline Avenger subscription offers advanced cat training and access to more powerful weapons. You’ll receive all the benefits of the Cat Warrior plan, plus additional cat allies and the ability to participate in more advanced battles against AI.

Cat Commander: The Cat Commander subscription offers the ultimate cat fighting experience. You’ll receive all the benefits of the Feline Avenger plan, plus the ability to lead your own cat army and access to exclusive tactics and strategies for battling AI.

Meow Master: The Meow Master subscription offers exclusive access to the most advanced cat fighting techniques and weapons. You’ll receive all the benefits of the Cat Commander plan, plus a dedicated cat trainer and the ability to participate in top-secret battles against AI. This subscription is ideal for those who are serious about defeating AI and are willing to invest the time and resources required to achieve their goal.”

The last small missing detail was a visual to illustrate this forward-thinking concept. Since ChatGPT is limited to generating text, we turned to its brother app Dall-E for that:

RomSoft cats fighting the AI overlord ChatGPT

In the end, everybody had to go back to their usual stuff when Rafael asked ChatGPT to generate a socks business for him and we started receiving the following message (conclusive screenshot by Dan, principal design engineer at Office Timeline, who thinks ChatGPT has been trained too much on marketing & sales purposed content):

RomSoft conversation with ChatGPT