We're in This Together

RomSoft is joining the IMAGO-MOL cluster in the campaign to help its member hospitals in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic: Emergency County Hospital „Sf. Spiridon” Iasi, Regional Institute of Oncology Iasi, Emergency Clinical Hospital “Prof. Dr. N. Oblu” Iasi, Pneumophtisiology Clinical Hospital Iasi, Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinical Hospital "Elena Doamna" Iasi, Emergency County Hospital ”Sf. Ioan cel Nou”, Suceava.

As founding members of the IMAGO-MOL cluster, we feel more responsible than ever to stand by our fellow colleagues who are most exposed in the crisis we are going through. Their most urgent needs are of protection supplies (gloves, masks, disinfectants, coveralls) and specific medical equipment.

We address an open invitation to all those who can help. Please join us in moving this campaign forward.

How to help?

Please Donate

IMAGO-MOL makes available its bank account and constitutes a fund destined for the necessary acquisitions where you can make cash donations (RON).

Account: IBAN RO55BRDE240SV53700002400, opened at BRD Societe Generale.

Account Owner: Cluster Regional Inovativ de Imagistica Moleculara si Structurala Nord-Est (IMAGO-MOL Cluster).

Comment: “Donatie protectie COVID-19".

Yes, donations can be made through a sponsoring contract signed between your organization and the IMAGO-MOL Cluster. Please ask for a copy at cluster.imago.mol[at]gmail.com.

Please Spread the Word

Feel free to share on your media channels. Activate your community. Employ resources. We will permanently report on the way funds are being used via our own media channels at IMAGO-MOL. Any amount counts! Together we can act efficiently!


North East Regional Innovative Cluster for Structural and Molecular Imaging (Imago-Mol), the only medical imaging cluster in Romania and European Union, is a non-governmental, non-profit organization whose objectives are to support the growth of scientific competitiveness of its members and the economic competitiveness of North East Region in the field of medical imaging by developing a framework for cooperation targeting diversification and optimization of services in this specific area.