Affective Mapping Workshop

On August 3rd 2023 we met with Tiberiu Teodor Stanciu for our 12th Community Talks edition – an affective mapping workshop that took us on a one of a kind journey.​


About our guest

Tiberiu Teodor Stanciu is an architect, PhD, lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture from the Technical University ”Gheorghe Asachi”, Iasi, and at the Faculty of Philosophy, from the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, Iasi. He is the human behind Atelier Spre, and longtime collaborator in the Iasi.Travel project.

Tiberiu Teodor Stanciu Affective Mapping Workshop

From building sand castles at the age of 10 to illustrating favorite places; from practicing architecture at Miolk to mapping urban details of old Iasi; and from teaching about architecture to educating people about the intricate ways they interact with buildings and places – Tiberiu Teodor Stanciu is on a quest to make reality better through his design and his fascinating stories.

Tiberiu Teodor Stanciu - Affective Mapping Workshop at RomSoft

The proposed theme of our get-together was an Affective Mapping Workshop, an opportunity to discover how we relate to the spaces in which we live and move every day.

photo credits: Tiberiu Teodor Stanciu & RomSoft

About affective mapping

This is one of Tiberiu’s signature workshops, where he masterfully guides attendees through an introspective journey, in order to help them discover surprising aspects in their relationship with the city/place they live in. For us, it was both an emotional and fun exercise, where the conversation went beyond our usual coffee-break small talk sessions.

And although we designed this event in order to get to know interesting people from outside RomSoft, this time, the discovery process went both ways.

What is Community Talks

After (almost) three years of remote work, we feel the need to, once in a while, get together and learn about inspiring stories from our line of work or from our community that are relevant to us.

With this idea in mind, we created a program called Community Talks. It is part of our larger discussion about tech storytelling and how to have better conversations in our everyday work.

Once a month, we want to invite somebody from outside RomSoft to share with us an inspiring story, or just to have an interesting conversation, be it in the technical area or anything else that we have a shared interest in.

Our guests will play the role of the Guide to any good story, helping us navigate through difficult challenges, acquire new skills and understand where the opportunities lie in this rapidly changing world.