Tiberiu Teodor Stanciu Affective Mapping Workshop

Affective Mapping Workshop

On August 3rd 2023 we met with Tiberiu Teodor Stanciu for our 12th Community Talks edition – an affective mapping workshop that took us on a one of a kind journey.​ *** About our guest Tiberiu Teodor Stanciu is an architect, PhD, lecturer at the Faculty of ...
financial behavior event card

Financial Behavior in Uncertain Times

On July 28th 2023 we've been meeting Alin Andries for our 11th Community Talks edition - a conversation about financial behavior in uncertain times.​ *** Alin Andries is a Professor of Finance & Banking at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, ...
Welcoming Christmas, with Diana Teodorescu

Welcoming Christmas

- how to guide yourself to a peaceful inner state - Every December it seems that the world is absorbed into a frenzy of multitasking, meeting upcoming deadlines, overspending, making holiday plans, and generally, tightening any remaining loose ends of the year. ...
Community Talks with Madalina Cocea

Technically speaking

„Sorry, could you please rephrase that as if I were a clueless nine-year-old?” This is what Mădălina, our latest Community Talks guest, frequently finds herself asking researchers, engineers, and software developers when they use highly specialized language in ...
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